The universal light in me salutes and honors
the universal light in you!

To schedule an appointment, please use the book online page.  Virtual sessions are held via zoom, skype or facebook messenger. Local sessions are held in Paige Allison's office located at 3658 Knowlesville Rd, Albion, NY 14479Please use the contact page to inquire about these locations or to set up a house call for an additional $20.00 travel fee (available to clients in Western New York only!

To sign up for my bimonthly Women's Circle or to purchase a Gift Certificate, use the form at the bottom of this page!

Services (Virtual & Local)

Reiki Session:  30 minute session where you receive a Reiki treatment from a Level I Reiki practitioner.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique where you receive healing energy from the universe into your body through direct contact.  Think of it as a massage for your energy. You'll leave the session feeling relaxed and balanced.


Reiki Sessions are $40.00 per session.

Talk and Tap Therapy Session:  1 hour and 30 minute session where you receive insights and instruction on a technique called Tapping techniques to transform problem area in your life that you are ready to live without.  


During this session we will dig deep into the cause of the problem of your choice.  We will begin to clear this issue from your life by identifying your blocks and applying the tapping technique to create the desired transformation. You will leave with the knowledge of how to use tapping and after the session you will receive a recording of your tapping affirmations to support you in this transformation outside of the session

Talk and Tap Therapy Sessions are $120.00 per session.

Chakra Analysis and Cleanse Session:  1 hour and 30 minute session where we will test your chakra centers, clear your blocks, and end with a general balancing to support and align the chakras.

During this session you will learn about each of the chakras, their common blocks and how to address them.  There are 7 energy centers total, you may have multiple centers which are blocked.  We will take a full hour to address as many of your blocked centers as possible, together deciding which chakras need the most support and focus our attentions on moving the energy in those centers through discussion and tapping. We will end with a 30 minute chakra balancing meditation to support all of your chakras.   


Chakra Analysis and Cleanse Sessions are $120.00 per session.

Women's Circle: For years I have been honoring the cycles of the moon as she travels through the different astrological signs.  Join me in this virtual Women's Circle for personal growth as we honor each New Moon and Full Moon!  Although every circle is unique, these ceremonies typically honor the energies of the moon phase with a meditation and a journaling exercise.  You will be notified if there is anything you need to bring to the ceremony with you ahead of time!  Sign up for to join our circle below!